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Inverter integration

Below are the different steps to follow


If you do not have a Wibeee Home account, please register at the following link:


Link to this account all the Wibeees that you want to synchronize with Sentinel Solar through the Wibeee Home API.


The Wibeees can be configured directly in your account or, if they are already synchronized in another account, you can also share access with the account you have just created in the section Permissions > Add permission in the Wibeee Home platform.


It is important to note that each Wibeee must be linked to a different location. If you set up multiple Wibeees in a single location, Sentinel Solar will synchronize them as an aggregate.


Once the Wibeees are configured in your Wibeee Home account, log in to Sentinel Solar.


With the User Name and Password created, you can add the integration to Sentinel Solar.

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