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At NNERGIX we believe that solar energy and its self-consumption are key elements in the transition to a new, greener, local, and decentralized energy paradigm. That's why we assist asset managers, engineering firms, and electrical companies in automating the operations and maintenance of solar self-consumption portfolios through our Sentinel Solar software.

Management team

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Ramon Molera


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Joan Miquel Anglès

Business Development

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Carles Pons


The Yellow Nest

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Bernat Pons


The Yellow Nest

Business ecosystem of

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Since 2013 NNERGIX

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NNERGIX is founded, with our first offices in ESADE Creapolis. We develop solutions for the first clients in Europe. Ecoemperendedor XXI Award.
We developed solutions for our first clients in Africa and launched our Solar Forecasting Technology.
We were finalists in the Initiate Award at the European Utility Week and established a partnership with Innoenergy. We expanded our presence to Asia and LATAM and began offering hydro and wind predictions.
NNERGIX was among the 26 winners of INCENSeAcc (Endesa and Enel) and won the OPENAXEL Competition. We secured a second round of investment from InnoEnergy and Victoria VC.
We completed a stage in Silicon Valley and received an investment from Elemental Excelerator. The NNERGIX team grew to 10 members.
We opened an office in Barcelona. We participate in the S2S4E research project.
We solidified a collaboration with General Electric Wind, adding 40 GW of power to our forecasting portfolio.
We successfully closed a proof of concept with Enel and commercially launched Sentinel Solar, with notable clients like Holaluz.
We conducted an analysis with Smilics Technologies, and the NNERGIX team grew to 16 members.
We have significantly expanded and improved our capacity to monitor systems that rely on batteries for their operation.
NNERGIX integrated the digital product team of Wibeee, expanding our team to 25 members.
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