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Planes Sentinel Solar

Planes Sentinel Solar

Solutions according to use cases

Designed for professionals in the photovoltaic sector

Application Developers

If your company needs to create an application or perform analysis using solar investor data, and then integrate it into your own environment, Sentinel Solar provides a single API that allows centralized and standardized access to solar investor data and meter readings.

Sentinel Solar allows:

  • A RESTful API that facilitates standardized, fast, robust, and secure access to energy readings. 

  • Variables available at different time resolutions (15-minute, hourly, monthly). 

  • Real-time and historical data availability. 

  • Access to performance calculations.

After-sales Service / Operation and Maintenance 

Manually preparing reports can be a slow process and require significant time and resources. This is due to the need to gather data from different sources, perform calculations and analysis, and then present the information clearly and concisely.

With a considerable amount of PV data, it is crucial to quickly identify important alerts that require immediate attention. Without an efficient mechanism to detect and highlight these alerts, there is a risk of losing revenue due to production deficits.

Sentinel Solar allows:

  • Automatic data collection. 

  • Automated, efficient, and customizable report generation.

  • Alert Center: quickly identifies production failures and reductions.

  • Incident Manager: maintains traceability of time and cost in resolving technical issues.

Community Energy Managers 

Collecting this data can be a challenge due to the lack of appropriate infrastructure or individualized measurement systems. Without accurate consumption data, community managers may struggle to implement efficient energy management measures.
Allocation coefficients are used to allocate costs or energy consumption among different community users. However, applying these coefficients accurately and displaying them to each individual user can be a challenge.

Sentinel Solar allows:

  • Collection of energy consumption measurements from community members through Datadis or Wibeee (real-time). 

  • Application of allocation coefficients.

  • Multi-user access for individualized viewing of consumption and energy generation.


Self-consumers primarily want to quickly and easily monitor the proper functioning of their self-consumption installation, ensuring that it is generating the expected energy and being used efficiently. Regular monitoring and the adoption of appropriate management measures are key to ensuring optimal performance and the expected return on the self-consumption system.

Sentinel Solar allows:

  • Mobile app for easy and instant viewing of the energy balance of the system. 

  • Real-time and historical data. 

  • Visualization of accumulated savings based on applicable rates.

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