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Advanced monitoring of PV portfolios

Sentinel Solar is the digital solution that allows you to analyze and manage solar self-consumption portfolios without the need for new hardware installation.

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Data acquisition without
new hardware

Fully compatible with the leading brands in the market, Sentinel Solar integrates all the data into one place in a standardized manner.

Each inverter manufacturer offers its own portal to accessPV system data, which becomes inefficient when working with multiple providers and requires checking data from different sources.

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Custom report

Avoid repetitive tasks every time you need to create reports through the report automation function

Getting the right data, performing calculations and analysis, accessing reliable weather sources for performance reports and PV system analysis... all of this requires a significant amount of time that you can free up.

Easy after-sales management

Access a diagnosis system for self-consumption systems. Additionally, the incident management tool allows you to track O&M.

Prevent production losses and, therefore, economic losses, through the monitoring and diagnosis system of Sentinel Solar. You can also coordinate and track incidents, maintain portfolio control, and ensure organized growth of your operations.


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Mobile APP

Enables access to users' generation and self-consumption data through the mobile app.

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