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  • What manufacturers are integrated into Sentinel Solar?
    You can view the list of manufacturers compatible with Sentinel in the Integrations section.
  • If I have an inverter that is not integrated with Sentinel Solar, how can I use the tool?
    The Nnergix team is constantly working on new integrations. If the inverter you're using is not integrated, please contact us.
  • Can other devices like batteries and EV chargers be integrated?
    Currently, Sentinel Solar can only monitor battery data through the inverter (if they are linked). However, the integration of batteries and EV charging points will be available in the coming months.
  • Do you offer hardware for monitoring?
    Sentinel Solar offers the option to purchase, install, and integrate the Wibeee range of products for load and photovoltaic generation monitoring and management.
  • How do I sync my installations with Sentinel Solar?
    To sync your systems, first, you'll need to obtain the API credentials from your account provider, where all the installations you want to sync with Sentinel Solar are hosted. More information can be found in the Integrations section. Sentinel Solar is designed so that you only need to establish a connection with inverter manufacturers during the installation process. Once this connection is established, Sentinel Solar automatically synchronizes all installations on a recurring basis. All information about each installation, such as location, peak and nominal power, tilt, azimuth, etc., is synchronized completely automatically. To sync other data, it's also possible to establish a connection with the customer's CRM (Customer relationship management) or ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.
  • Is it possible to access the data via an API?
    Sentinel Solar has an API for accessing all data generated for the customer's portfolio.
  • If I am an individual property owner, what can I do with Sentinel Solar?
    With a monitoring and management system like what Sentinel Solar offers, you can oversee the performance of your solar panels and ensure they are operating optimally.
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