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Inverter integration

The following are the different steps to be followed







If you do not have an account with Sungrow, please register at the following link:


You will need to request access to the API in order to integrate Sungrow with Sentinel Solar. 

By registering at

To proceed with the request, you will have to create a ticket in GSP requesting API access and attaching the "Open API Authorization Instructions" filled in and signing the NDA document.

After completing the formalities, Sungrow will provide you with the following data, which you will have to enter in Sentinel Solar:

  • App key

  • X-access-key

From Sentinel Solar in the menu Configuration>Integrations>Add new + you can add Sungrow to your Sentinel account.

                                      The Username and Password will be the same as those of the Sungrow account.​

Finally, your Sentinel Solar account and your Sungrow installation are now synchronised.

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