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What types of alerts does Sentinel Solar provide?

Updated: Feb 22

The goal of Sentinel Solar is to offer advanced portfolio-level PV monitoring, with the Alert Center providing precise diagnostics of monitored systems.

Sentinel categorizes alerts into 3 distinct types:

Inverter Alerts

These alerts are specified by each inverter manufacturer and are synchronized and unified into a single portal in a standardized manner, while maintaining the description and error codes generated by the manufacturer.

Underperformance Alerts

This is a monitoring system created by the Sentinel team. The aim is to detect plants operating below their normal performance. To calculate the Performance Ratio (PR), Sentinel accesses ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) reanalysis data of solar irradiation on the surface (W/m2) daily. By combining irradiation data with electrical production data obtained, we can calculate the achieved performance as a percentage.

From there, the supervisor can define a minimum performance threshold (%). If the PR of the systems falls below this threshold, Sentinel will generate a "Underperformance" alert.

Anomalous Data Alerts

The third type of alerts aims to report anomalous behaviors of solar systems. For example, "production zeros": these occur when a plant stops producing energy without the manufacturer issuing a warning. In this case, the PV plant may be disconnected for weeks or even months, resulting in the loss of all the energy it could have generated.

For more detail, don't miss the demo video.

Sentinel provides hourly monitoring, issuing repeated warnings if the plant stops producing electricity.

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