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Integration investors

Below are the various steps to follow

If you do not have an account with Lacecal, please register at the following link:

Go to Sentinel Solar> Configuration> Integrations and select Lacecal and click on "Save".

In the Configuration menu under System Manager, on the right hand side you will find a button for Synchronize systems. There you will have to look for the Lacecal integration and enter the system identifier. 

To enter the system identifier, you must access the Lacecal website > Configuration and search for "ITR 2.0 WEBapp - API id". The code that appears in this menu will be the one that we will add in Sentinel Solar (system identifier).

Each location must be synchronized manually, in order to be able to view each location in Sentinel Solar. You only need to repeat step 3 and 4 of these instructions.






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