Why Nnergix?

Energy Professionals

We understand the nature of renewable energy production, and how hard it is to integrate them into electricity grid, and we have experience on it.

Nnergix team is a mix of renewable energy professionals and weather experts with diverse backgrounds such as Energy Engineering, Weather resource physics or Computer Engineering. We are completely focused on the knowledge of renewable energy technologies and energy market converting the best weather forecast to energy parameters performing excellent results.

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Validated Accuracy

Multiple and high demanding tests against other predicting technologies have demonstrated and proved the accuracy of our models. Nnergix has validated its high accuracy with diverse customers worldwide as well as currently delivering its solutions to more than 10.000 points and >1700MW.

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Forecast is complex, AI is the answer

Energy production patterns are something difficult and complex due to its variability, then we need strong tools and make machines to work. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and data mining is the answer. It allows us to deliver unbeatable high accuracy solutions.

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Dynamic training, constant improvement

Nnergix solutions are constantly reviewing obtained results and using cutting edge solutions to keep training dynamic and updated. We take profit of "big data" to continuously improve our accuracy.

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Customizable solutions

Customers can use generic solutions trained with representative data collected, filtered and analyzed by Nnergix team. If customer has own available data our algorithms can face different problems, adapting particular solutions which fit specific needs.

Our products

Everything online, no instalations

No need to download neither install software, all the data is secure and well organized online and accessible worldwide. We are an online cloud computing service that makes Artificial Intelligence tools available to forecast customer's facilities. Possibility to integrate our solutions with your system.

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Variable billing

Nnergix offers the possibility to bill its customers using a fix fee plus a variable determined because of the obtained accuracy.

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