Solar Photovoltaic energy production forecast 6-240h
Solar Photovoltaic energy production forecast
Europe solar radiation
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Nnergix PVforecast is an innovative solution using our Artificial Intelligence technology through data mining processes and addressed to any energy/electric market player.

Short-term energy production forecast mixing high resolution weather models and available energy production record values.



Individual plant solution


Any size aggregation of plants

Main features

  • 6h to 10 days ahead
  • Hourly resolution
  • Available worldwide
  • 8 updates/day
  • P50, P10, P90
  • Diverse high resolution meteorological models
  • Customized solutions

Results can be daily delivered via email, FTP, web interface, Dropbox, Google Drive or any other system desired by the customer. File format is selected by the client: Excel, csv, txt, etc.


Manage and view your forecasting services using our friendly cloud-based software included with all our services.

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