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Nnergix is an innovative company composed of professionals from the renewable energy industry with extensive knowledge in energy, data analytics, software, and in meteorology. Nnergix’s main focus is to develop software solutions for the power industry players which are leading the transition from fossil fuels technologies to clean energy sources.


Nnergix has a clear global focus as it currently has clients in 19 countries. In recent years it has been recognized as one of the most innovative SMEs in Europe.


You will be part of a project currently developing methods for wind resources assessment and leading the way in the wind industry. 


Be part of a highly motivated and experienced team with a wide spectrum of profiles, ranging from data scientists to computer engineers along front and backend developers with different backgrounds and nationalities, we've got your back. Contribute to different parts of the project taking into new unexplored areas in a learning friendly environment. We will be happy to get your feedback and provide ours back so you can grow as much as you contribute to the project.


Come and help us on this journey to make green energy a reality!


Are you a fan of data analysis? Do you like building libraries using good code practices? We do too! CI/CD, TDD, SOLID, pair programming, code reviewing, you name it. If we do not do it, we will be glad for you to teach it to us.


The candidate should be comfortable working on open-ended projects with an international team in evolving projects facing great technical challenges in the field of renewable energies. Familiarity with data analysis techniques and scientific context is a great plus.


Hybrid analytical and data-driven methodologies will be applied using cutting-edge technologies to maximize the efficiency and robustness in the design of wind farms. There are multiple facets involved in this analysis requiring the usage of wind resource assessment, dynamic computational fluid dynamic models, and wake and blockage models. The challenge is to create a set of robust applications whilst maintaining the possibility of later incorporating them into a single seamless pipeline.


  • BSc, MSc or PhD in Scientific, Engineering, Mathematics/Statistics or similar

  • Demonstrated programming skills in data science

  • Communicative English is necessary


  • Python programming experience or similar

  • Familiarity with using agile development methodologies (Scrum, TDD, …)

  • Experience with version control tools and continuous integration


In the first month you will meet the team and get a tour around the different projects, so you have a grasp of the overall context. We will help you set up your environment and detect areas where you could make an impact.  You will start contributing on small issues so you can do your first commits 🚢

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By the third month you will already have responsibilities and parts of the project that you own. 

You will be more autonomous and will start to review other peers’ pull requests. 

The knowledge you have in the different projects will deepen and you will already be an active member of the design meetings.

After half a year, you will be helping other team members as well as continuing work in various projects, designing new solutions and getting to implement them. 🔝


You will have a solid understanding of the context of your work and we would love to hear your ideas to extend it to related projects. As always, giving feedback is a must. We are happy to hear you out. 


Do you want to involve yourself in a renewable energies project? You have your chance here with us, in a welcoming team with lots of skilled professionals. We offer continuous training to improve your current skills and learn new methods and techniques.


You will be able to work remotely and have the possibility to travel to Barcelona (typically 4-6 times per year) to participate in meetings and team-building experiences.


Apply so we get the chance to chat 💬, we would like to hear from you. Send your CV to avidal@nnergix.


We’re looking forward to meet you. 😊

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